Yorkshire Self-Determination

I have been saying for the past several years that the laudable attitude of liberal governments has a breaking point. And that breaking point is when it is in my back yard, as it were.

David Cameron was quick to applaud people in the eastern part of Libya who wanted self-determination. And I said he might not be so quick to back self-determination if it was Yorkshire that was asking for it.

Well life has come to imitate art. Quoting from the Daily Express today

Yorkshire will push for more autonomy from Westminster including a mayor for the entire region - similar to those in London and Manchester.

Party leader Stewart Arnold said: “Something like an assembly or a parliament which is directly elected with fair votes, and reflects the kind of diversity of opinion which is obvious in somewhere like Yorkshire.”

In the wake of the recent Catalonian referendum on independence Mr Arnold again called for freedom for Yorkshire.

He said: "Not surprisingly, we in the Yorkshire Party believe in self-determination, whether it's for Yorkshire or Catalonia.

"After all, the UK government would never bully and intimidate those wanting self determination in this country in the same way - would they?"

And here is the Yorkshire Party's statement on devolution.