When You're A Star

Trump said 'When you're a star, they let you do it.' He was referring to grabbing women - strangers to him - by the pussy.

The words in that sentence that speak volumes are 'they let you'. They let you.

Wow, like a twelve-year-old talking to his friend about a girl who let's him do something he dreams about.

It's something grown up and part of a world that he is too young for. Except this girl let's him do it!

Except now the kid has grown up and he has become nasty. He can throw his weight about because he's a star.

And they let him do it because they are too dumb or starstruck. And deep down he is still in awe of the fact that they let him do it! Wow.

Trump is glad the girls let him do it.

Who would have guessed that inside that 270lb hunk (hunk?) there is a twelve-year-old who just squirms with delight when the girls let him do it?

When You're A Star
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