Theresa May: I Am Not Someone Who Gives Up

The Guardian reports that Theresa May has denied that she cried after the speech she gave at the Conference.

She is reported as saying:

One minute journalists are accusing me of being an ice maiden or a robot, then they claim I’m a weeping woman in dire need of a good night’s sleep. The truth is, my feelings can be hurt, like everyone else, but I am pretty resilient. I am not someone who gives up.

That's a pretty good comeback to respond that she cannot be called both icy and fragile, and it makes her seem more human.

Actually, a person can be both icy and fragile - but it doesn't speak well of their mental balance if they are. In fact, it could describe a classic manipulator who suffers from delusions.

And yes it is laudable to not give up, provided the person has their head screwed on and knows what they are doing.

Her miscalculation over the decision to hold the last election says otherwise.