The Gleam In The Eye Of Theresa May

The knives are out for Theresa May because she coughed and spluttered through her Conference speech.

She drank water. The glass reminded me of the poisoned chalice she was handed when she accepted the leadership of the Conservative party.

Did she have a cough. OK, she had a cough. But was she also nervous?

She was nervous That's what the critics are saying. And nerves of steel are what the job needs; not a public showing of nervousness. That's what the critics say. And they would know because they were taught that in the Public Schools to which they went.

No. She's always had nerves. She trembles as she speaks.

Nice people also tremble. Nice, competent people also tremble.

Nerves aren't her problem. Her problem is that she speaks to a nonexistent audience. She cannot connect with the audiences in front of her.

Our problem is that she is manic. The reason she will not give up is because she believes she has a responsibility to complete her mission.

And I fear that as she loses her grip on reality she will tighten her grip on her sense of mission.

That sense of mission and what is right and proper is what led her to call an election.

I'd really like to know who suggested she call one, who she listened to, and what their agenda was.