The Elected Apprentice

It seems to me that one of the most interesting things to come out of the accusations about Trump and Russia is not whether he committed these sexual acts.

It is not whether he got a bunch of prostitutes to commit these acts.

It is not whether there are tapes of him doing these things.

What is most interesting is that nobody has said 'Oh, but surely he wouldn't do that!'

If it was said or speculated about Obama or Bush or just about any president stretching back to the founding fathers, I don't think anybody would say that it was probable or likely or in character.

And it comes back to the comment Trump made about the fact that because he was powerful and well known, women let him grab them. So we formed a picture of what he is like. And now it is coming back to haunt him.

Even if the accusations are completely untrue, we still think he is a sexual predator likely to do the things of which he is accused, if only the time and place were right. Only now we think he might be, could be, someone who likes his sex with 'extras'.

At the press conference he said that he warned people about hidden cameras in hotels. The implication is that the right time and the right place would be where he was sure he was not overlooked by hidden cameras.

Off camera - everything and everyone is up for his grabs.