Quietism Or The Belly Of The Beast

I am getting tired - too tired to look up words to make sure I am using them properly.

In general usage, quietism means a calm acceptance of things as they are without attempting to resist or change them.

But I think that the way quietism used in a political context means recognising evil but not fighting it. It means getting out of the way because the authorities are not after you: They are after them.

And them can be anyone as long as they are easily distinguishable from you. After all, one doesn't want to risk being mistaken for those undesirables.

There are two aspects to this. There is the question of who gets to be described as an undesirable. And there is the question of what is done to those undesirables.

The two might not follow as easily as night follows day, but it takes an optimistic mind to think that.

And that ability to close one's mind to what exactly makes them undesirable and what should or shouldn't be done to them requires another kind of quietism.

The belly of the beast is another way of looking at things. To people who think like that, all systems are bad. It doesn't matter who is in charge because it is inherent in power structures that the bastards will be in charge.

So for those people, the trick is to get comfortable and recognise that the knock on the door could be for them one day. But until then, life goes on.

So curl up in the belly of the beast and don't let the beast destroy your enjoyment of your own life.

After all, those people would say, what benefit is it to fight a system that will always exist?

There are those who say that quietism is reprehensible; that one must always take a position in this imperfect world and fight for what is right.

And to claim that all power systems are inherently always corrupt and self-seeking is just a trick to dress up quietism in a fancy philosophy.

So what of someone like Trump, who made some outrageous claims in his campaign for the presidency?

When he told his audiences that he thought fondly back to the days when hecklers would be taken out the back and beaten up, are we to forget that now he has the gravitas of office?

Quietism Or The Belly Of The Beast
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