It Was In A Perfume Bottle

I had this idea that Mr Skripal wasn't a retired spy at all, but an active agent.

I thought maybe he received a message at a dead drop and that whoever sent it to him, decided to end the relationship by killing him.

The reason I thought this was a credible scenario was that the container had not been found. Where would it be if not purposely hidden by Mr. Skripal after he took out the message that was addressed to him?

Then Charlie Rowley found the container and thinking it was perfume gave it to his partner Dawn Sturgess, and the two of them were poisoned.

Could it be that the police would be unable to find the container? After all, Mr. Rowley found it. The police would surely have found it, wouldn't they - unless it was well hidden?

Except now Charlie Rowley says that what he and his girlfriend were exposed to was in a glass bottle with a plastic dispenser in a cardboard box with a plastic moulding.

That doesn't seem like the perfect object within which to place a message. But then, maybe it is exactly the right kind of container.

I don't think this detail is an invention put out by Mr. Rowley at the coaching of the Security Services. If that were the case, how could they control what he might say in the future?

But if it is true that the poison was in a bottle of what seemed like it was perfume, then are we to believe that the poisoners just dumped the bottle somewhere it could be found?

Are we to believe they dumped it under a bush, or somewhere that only an ex junkie would go looking?

If he found it, then anyone could have. The police could have - they devoted enough time to looking for it.

How inept would the poisoner with this sophisticated poison have to be to leave it were it could be found?

Still, the question remains as to who wanted to kill Mr. Skripal and for what reason.

Of course, these are just my thought processes running on and trying to make sense of what had happened.


The possibilities I dreamed up about Mr. Skripal are a product of my imagination. They live in - a what if universe.

They are not intended to cast any aspersions on, raise doubts or questions about, or be in any way related to the real facts about any person living or dead.

The people I am talking about are just corralled in my thoughts.

If I write any more of these imaginings, the same will apply. I might, for example, imagine that Michael Gove is working for the Russians and that Boris Johnson is an agent of the Turkish Government working for the eventual restoration of the Ottoman Empire.