May's Joint Instrument

This is the text of Theresa May's statement at the Joint press conference with EC President Jean-Claude JUNCKER on 11 March 2019 I listened to the »

Remain Is Common Sense

If and when Brexit is defeated, people will be asking what it was all about and what was gained and what was lost. It will seem »

Dear Mr Corbyn

Dear Mr Corbyn, I have voted Labour all my life, as my mother and father did before me. They voted as they did because they believed »

Labour: Not The Few

What does Labour's slogan For the many, not the few, mean? I started to think about 'the few' and what would happen to them under a »

Cheap Money and Hard Brexit

In his book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari makes the case for why some European powers failed to prosper while others prospered. He writes that Spain failed »