Create A Staging Site With This Plugin

The host we use for our e-commerce site has a built-in method for cloning a site to a sub-domain. So I will start by saying that I have not used this WP-Staging plugin. I came across it in a question and answer on the WooCommerce support site, where Support suggested it.

That said, the plugin has got almost 2,000 five-star reviews, which is a pretty good indicator of its worth.

There’s a pro version for pushing from the staging site to a live site. If someone was in the business of managing other people’s sites, then it would be worth looking at.

.ABR Files

CreativeMarket (affiliate link) sends out free stuff fairly regularly. Sometimes, like today, there was something I wanted – a big set of arrows – bendy, strait, you-name-it.

The bundle arrived as a set of PNGs and an ABR file.

What is a .ABR file, I wondered?

ABR (. abr) file extension is a file format created for Adobe Photoshop. It contains a collection of custom brushes that can be used by the Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop and it includes shape, texture, dynamics, and other data for each brush style.

So now I know.

On a Mac the files are stored in

Applications / Adobe Photoshop / Presets / Brushes