Innocent Civilians

In an article in the Guardian today under the headline 'Russia highly likely to be behind poisoning of spy, says Theresa May', the Prime Minister is quoted as saying:

“This attempted murder using a weapons-grade nerve agent in a British town was not just a crime against the Skripals.

“It was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the United Kingdom, putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk. And we will not tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil. I commend this statement to the House.”

I assume that every full stop and comma of the Prime Minister's addresses to the House is pored over to make sure she says exactly what is intended - no more and no less.

Which makes me wonder at the use of the words innocent civilians

Are the Skripals not innocent civilians? Is Mr Skripal's daughter at least, not an innocent civilian?