If The LibDems Pledge

A couple of days ago I wrote this - June 8 UK Election Prediction - but events have moved quicker.

The president of the EU has said that if Britain changed its mind, the EU would welcome Britain back 'with open arms'.

And a Labour spokesman has said that Labour will not have a second referendum if they win (of course not).

So that leaves the LibDems. In other times I would not have voted for a party that hasn't a hope of winning, but I cannot vote for Labour while Corbyn is the leader and I cannot vote for the Conservatives.

I think the LibDems should pledge to stay in the EU, not simply pledge to hold a second referendum, but pledge to stay in the EU.

Now I have to find out what their party policy is, what their manifesto says. A bit late in the day because I have been content (as millions probably have been) to take sound bites of information instead of trying to really understand what the Liberal Democrats represent.