Dear Mr Corbyn

Dear Mr Corbyn,

I have voted Labour all my life, as my mother and father did before me.

They voted as they did because they believed in speaking to the better part of people, to believing that when we are all in the same boat, we will get the best out of all of us.

Your promise of a fairer society speaks to a lot of people.

But straining the commonwealth with the shockwave of exiting the EU risks right wing forces gaining ground and taking power.

The current uncertainty shakes people. They may follow right wing forces because of the promise of stability.

That is a lesson of history within living memory.

If you are worried that you will alienate those strong Leave supporters, I would say that the risk of extremism is a greater worry - by far.

I think the mood of the country is that we are wiser now and better able to see the risks and benefits of being in the EU - and that those who wanted out are a dwindling minority.

So I ask you - end the uncertainty and face the current reality - not the past.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
David Bennett