Corbyn's Comment Lends The Lie To His Apology

Corbyn commented that the artist Mear One was in good company because as great an artist as Diego Rivera had his mural excised from history because it depicted Lenin.

Now Corbyn claims he commented on Mear One's mural without looking at the mural closely. And that had he done so, he wouldn't have made the comment he made.

He wouldn't have done so, he says, because the mural is anti-Semitic.

I just saw the mural on the Andrew Marr show, and Jeremy Corbyn's claim that he didn't look closely at Mear One's mural and didn't see it was anti-Semitic is unbelievable.

On the Andrew Marr show, Tom Watson claimed that Corbyn only saw a small version of the image on Facebook, and therefore didn't see the detail.

Well, let's think about it.

Corbyn had to see enough of Mear One's mural to see the content or he could not have commented and made the comparison with Diego Rivera as he did.

So to claim that he saw clearly that the mural was about a New World Order playing monopoly with the lives of poor people but didn't see how the main characters in the mural were drawn is disingenuous.

On the hardly credible view that he didn't look closely enough (as he claims), then he lacked the common sense to look closely before making an expressly political comment.