Default to Billing or Shipping Address in WooCommerce?

In the Shipping Destination section of the back end in a WooCommerce web site, there are three options in WooCommerce / Settings / Shipping / Shipping Options. The options are:

  • Default to customer shipping address
  • Default to customer billing address
  • Force shipping to the customer billing address

Assuming you want to allow a customer ask for delivery to an address other than the billing address, how do you decide between the first two options? Do you set the default to the customer shipping address or their billing address?

The answer is this: If you set it to the shipping address, then on the checkout page the box next to the text that reads ‘Deliver to a different address?’ will be checked and the fields will be open and visible. If you set it to the billing address then the box will not be checked and the customer would have to check the box to get the fields for the delivery address to open and become visible.

If the majority of customers want delivery to their billing address, choose the ‘Default to customer billing address’ option.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

By default, you will see a Description tab in the individual product pages, If you enable product reviews in WooCommerce then you will see a second tab for Reviews. If you set up a variable product you will also see a tab for Additional information.

If you want to set up more custom tabs, there is a plugin Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce in the WordPress repository, with a pro version that gives more options. Addify make a Custom Products tab manager sold as an extension on that offers various layouts.