Nature Doesn’t Like Houthi Politics

Various news outlets have reported the 18 February missile attack on the Rubymar in the Red Sea by Houthi rebels from Yemen. The vessel listed for a while and then sank on 2 March.

It doesn’t matter what the Houthi rebels’ politics are or why they say they did it. What matters is the cargo – 21,000 tonnes of ammonium phosphate sulphate* fertiliser – that will leak from the ship and damage the ecology of the Red Sea.

Perhaps a team can get to the wreck and offload the cargo, assuming it is still in its containers. Or maybe not because any team doing that would be under the constant threat of Houthi fire.

What makes the Houthis think that their political ideas outweigh the damage to the planet on which we live?


About ammonium phosphate sulphate*
contains 13% Sulphur, a major secondary plant nutrient. Least hygroscopic and does not readily absorb moisture from the air. Due to high water solubility, has a greater mobility in the soil. Suitable for all crops and soils both for initial application and top dressing.


As of this update on 7 May I don’t see any more news about the Rubymar suggesting that anyone is trying to offload the cargo.