An Electorate With A Taste For Blood

Once the politicians held up the Brexit vote as binding rather than advisory, they opened the door.

They opened the door to creating something powerful and dangerous in the minds of the electorate.

It made the electorate believe that the people rule.

It was not like when you vote in an election, moved along tramlines, only able to vote for the parties that exist.

It was a real vote, a people's vote, with real decisions and real consequences.

Oh Dear

If you are in Government, how do you deal with that threat?

This is what you do.

You do not move forward as though acting on the bidding of the electorate.

You move back and forth, you negotiate more than you need, you make a big show of getting stuck in the mire or all that political wrangling. You keep it up for months and months.

The result is that electorate's heads are on swivel-sticks, mesmerised, uncertain.

And the power shifts back to the political classes, surrendered by the electorate who are too dazed to know what their power meant.

Where Does Labour Stand On This

That's a question. Jeremy Corbyn seems outclassed, sidelined, unable to deal with how this works.

He has a long game if he gets into power on Island Britain, when it is out of the EU. But he doesn't seem to know how to play the game.

Has the electorate has seen past Labour to some vision over the horizon of piratical Britain.

There's the vision of Britain. See it? See it swinging its sword across the oceans to conquer trade deals worldwide.

We still love the merchant venturers: We still love the Tories.